International Warriors Foundation Kayten Academy

                                  No  Art No Name

Founder School Kayten Ryu - Ancient Warriors

Mugei Mumei no Jutsu, or rather... No name no art. An art that creates itself, free from conventions or traditions, that express
its essence in the ancient way, walking the way of free living, thinking. Spirit essence, free to act in the complete respect
of persons and things.

Walking with the companions the ancient path of the warrior, mystical man and excellent fighter if it is necessary, for his/her
sense of responsibility, conscience, knowledge and respect of the Sacred Rules.

Ready to lower in the obscurity, to climb in full light without remaining blinded in both cases.

A lot of time later this path would have been known as the Shadow Path or the Way of Silence. This path will never have name
and never be an organized art: it will have to remain always a free and long living thing, without confinements and without
human rules that reduces it to a “tight path”.

Philosophy of the school

If you don't know yourself, you will live in company of the doubts and uncertainties for the rest of your life and every thing
will be seen by you with fear, and in this cases you will feel your impotence while who is near to you will feel sorrow and
pain by you.

If you know yourself and don't know the other once, you will have good probabilities to succeed in everything but working

If you know yourself and even the other once, if you know how to maintain you humble and correct, all the doors will be opened
wide and the world will be your friend! These few rules, passing through many ancient people, have actually reached us.

This path is hard to walk but if it is crossed despite all its traps, life it will be an adventure worthy to have lived!

The ancient warriors are back! If you want to join us, you will be the welcome! There's nothing more to say, only to work
and to still study and then to work and to study again. if you desire to exchange your opinions, to ask information, o ideas
to propose, you can do it sending an e-mail or on our special forums.

The strength. It is not important if you are weak or strong, you will have your strength, because every being has her proper
one and always remember that even a baby using his/her strength is able “to win a giant!”. The 5 elements are your
strength. 1) EARTH: it transforms your body in a stone and it transforms your feet in the roots of a tree and when you strike
you have to be the rock that rains from the sky and produces a crater, and never withdraw!. 2) WATER: be soft and evasive
in the movements, to the speed of your adversary oppose a weary calm and move you in semicircle until you won't find the moment
for strike. 3)FIRE: be the fury of the flame! Your movements have to be irregular and quivering as those of a flame! You won't
produce damages to your adversary, but you will disorientate him and remember: never withdraw!. 4)WIND: it instigates your
speed in the three directions in front of you, if you will be precise and determined the impact will be avoided because your
cold determination to strike the target. and to never withdraw!. 5) VOID: when you will reach this phase, you will see the
things from far and you will know how to act and as a baby it learns first the vowels then the consonants to compose the words,
with the words he will form a sentence of sense: 4 elements are the words, the 5th or rather the void, the sentence of sense.
But remember that you will always have to be reach of humility, or you will loss everything this that you have acquired.

The Spirit. As for the Strength, Also for the Spirit you have disposition of the 5 Elements: 1) EARTH: determined but not
in stubborn sense, the stubbornness dull door to the ruins, the determination supported by the wish for victory. 2) WATER:
Excellent to avoid conflicts or to deceive the adversaries but pay attention to the risk of eternal indecision that is able
to bring to the defeat!. 3) FIRE: be careful to use it! From the euphoria of the victory it is able to conduct you to the
defeat! Happiness and anger in this element are as near as the two faces of a coin. 4) WIND: are able to dominated the three
preceding elements, but be objective and not to let pick you up from the senses of executes or ideal when know very well as
are the things, in few words not think to much but act! 5) VOID: when you will have reached this,you will be in peace with
yourself and with everything around you and through use of the preceding elements you will know how to composed as The said
first the sentences of sense, then you will be able to read who is close to you, but you will never have to take advantage
of it for your personal affairs.

A good ancient warrrior had to know how to race his “alternative”, and to know how to exploit to the maximum one his intellect and his technique.

It learns to fight and to not win for being superior to your neighbor but to know yourself well.

He who practice this art has to know absolutely himself: his weapons are his intellect and his techniques. The weapons are considered temporary helps, and as such to trust them and to think that can resolve the situations, it means to take big risks.

The spirit is calm anymore, the technique is precise anymore. To win an adversary violence is not needed, but to learn the art of the separation or rather “to see all and nothing.” It is necessary to understand the thing it doesn't concern yourself as, and to avoid emotional involvements. This way you can let also evolve in your favor a negative situation.

Dark the techniques are raw less you have probability to win.
Care about putting you in safe today, to win there is always time.
Always act as if you are alone.

The study of the 5 elements will indicate to you the path always you have to cross.

Even if you had to leave the road, try to hold you near to it and never lose it of sight.

The obstacles have to be removed, avoiding them you will find again them on the street of return.
Preserves a little beat of your fear, it will make you wise.

Do more experiences that you are able, even from the meaningless things you draw great teachings.

The degrees serve only to inform your adversary if you are an interesting target or not.

The mistake that you have made today avoid to make again tomorrow, or the lead on your shoulders will be double.

Be always yourself and not copy from the others, since these will similar to you but they will be never you.

When you fight in training with one companion of yours, try to see in him yourself, because if you will be hard, he/she will
answer to your hits hardly, if you will use lightness you will be repaid with this. When you take a hit not to try to return
him, you would take other twenty ones to give one: if the hit has entered in your guard, there are two reasons, the first
one you have been wrong, the second, your companion was better than you.

A lot of times walking along the hard path of the knowledge there will rise doubts or uncertainties, but it is a path and
it is normal that it is in this way, walking on and on you will reach the peak, and you can help the others.